I am not good with computers.

I have been trying, for a while, to start a blog which would stay for my child to read in the future,but hoplessly gave up many times.

Reasons were many, mainly the fact of having a hip replacement gone wrong 3 years ago, january 2003, 3 aditional operations (last one december 05), and no improovement at all,as a matter of fact, my replaced hip is terribly more painfull than the other (which doesnt have a hip joint, as I was born with a double hip dislocation, didnt walk till aged 5, had 9 operations till aged 8, etc,etc,etc)

One other powerfull reason is the fact that I have lost total hope on the internet communication, after a loooooong time very involved in it, having met a lot of the ppl whom I met online, (meaning it isnt just an online thing), I think I ve lost interest in the PC, but it comes together with loosing interest in the human race.(race meaning both species and running race)

But  yesterday  I recieved this invite to come here, from this amazing woman (whom you ll find here as Nyx), and some very good news together with this invite. I decided then that this is a good time to start writing, taking it that the sun isnt out, the English summer is betraying me,and I get terribly bored watching television.

I am now running out of leg support and gonna have to go, but I would say I am deeply pleased with the fact that I have started this thing (ThankYou, Darling!)

So, see you later!


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in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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