Love & Hate……

Technology. Gotta love it. It used to take ages when I first started travelling to be able to communicate with both family and friends. There was also the fact that you had to go to the post offices of life, which arent the greatest of places. It was so, oh so marvelosu to learn (@ almost 40 years old) to use the net.

I remember how opposed I was to walkmans, to all electronic devises which supplied mechanical alternatives to musicien, there s nothing like dealing with (oh so complicated) human beings to make music, I remember how I thought the internet was a diabolical thing, uncomprehensable (wotever the spelling) things allways are….but how attractive….

I do love to be able to use technology.

But I so hate the fact that I m not so good at understanding machines, especially when spending close to 45 minutes selecting pictures and writing experiences to go with it, and then, at the very second or two after you clicked download your screen goes black, then blue with lots of white letters glowing there, telling you yet more uncomprehensable things……and restarting and having lost all that precious work when your physical health will not allow you time to go through all it again….

I have some pics at flickr, but, I have to say, the first site I started posting pics was Fotothing, and this is still my fav, easy for all family and friends everywhere to get, see,read.

We went to EuroDisney in July, 4 wonderfull days and nearly 600 pictures, which, of course, I wasnt thinking to download them all, but I was almost there. I was, there, the very last day @ Disney and so many beautifull pics of Sarita shouting I m Brazilian, so beautifull a boat tripp with mirrored images and …bah….Computers…bah….

I was (again) in hospital today. I had a breast cancer scare in May, it ended up being nothing, happy ending, appreciation of life beautifull. So this one today wasnt really bothering me, I grew up in the sun, I m almost 48 years old (in a couple of weeks! yay!) , we do get this old people thingies, spots, moles, thingies. But I had to sit for like over an hour, waiting, that made standing up again, walking to my car and driving back home a very painfull process, especially if taking into account the cleaning up raid yesterday, and the fact that I got trapped into Prime Suspect series 1 and didnt go to sleep till 4 am, woke up at 8:30, breakfast, lunch box for Sarita, dropping off at playcentre and driving to hospital, parking (which was surprisingly quick). I should be in bed.

I love the fact of being able to go to Fotothing, download the pics, then in the other end all (even my parents who are computer hopeless) can see the slideshows and read. It was so much of a pain (and costly) to develop films, print, envelope, post office, you know. I love the net, I love my computer.

I hate crashes of all type.

I m gonna get a cup o tea.

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