the age gap……

… something I had never cared about. Not even after my 40th, when we came back to the UK, I think I was 43 when I had kids of all age following me around and…I dont think I should go into it right now.

When Carina came into my life, just over a year ago, I was reluctant, infact, very, very reluctant to open my mind and heart. And it wasnt only the age, which is excatly half of mine. There was the cultural gap too, and some very important issues in which we enourmously oposse. Like she left behind a daughter, now 3 years old, with her mum in Brasil, just to name one.

And in this I also had Wokka (who seems to be a constant in making my life easier for the past 3 years, I should write a whole book about this marvelous kid), but, as I was saying, I had Wokka to easy my way into the whole Carina thing….. *You dont have to talk to her…*, he said, and the second after he was so laughing coz, if you know me, you would know that me and silence are not things that go together often. (funnyly enough, I also learned silence from Wokka, yes, I should defo write a book about him). But it wasnt the *not talking* part which brought Carina so deep into our family…..

It was the smile, the strenght, the energy, the capacity of honest, not hidden agenda love which flows and brings music to the house….

Even my mum fell in love with her.

Now, Sarita, Sarita is a whole different story. Jelousy came heavy in the first few months, is now gone, but I have to say I was even surprised by Sarita's attitude, and it gave me so much to think about and consider…..was I bringing another child, did she see her as a sister? I know Sarita and Wokka argued like brothers, and it was at times irritable, at times laughable, but I put it down to Wokka's lack of experience with kids or even his whole way (not coz of him, but coz he is a man, we all know men are errr emmm, no ofence, but, yes, inmature in most cases…) of dealing with things…. . But all the jelousy is gone, and both Carina and Sarita have a great time when we are all together, and they are good to each other.

Today was one of those *Carina* days.

We ve been with the whole flat turned inside out for over 10 days, I brought the sofa bed my sister in law (she sometimes does stuff for us, like, once every 3 years or so! ) gave us, and there was the getting rid of the old sofa, even though I wasnt all that sure about parting from it…. but the place needs redecorating, is my emotional and psychologycal being which needs it.

So, over 10 days towing with the idea and doing nothing. Carina hasnt been here for 2 weeks as I didnt want her to catch the flu we both, Sarita and I, had. She came after work.

In less than an hour, all done. The old sofa out, the paint sorted, the rest of the furniture moved, all ready to start the works….. and all of us singing and happy.

In honesty, when days like this happen, I can forget about all, age and cultural gaps, coz the heart is what's been moving my life for the past 3 years.

Tomorrow we are going to Les Miserables, we got free tockets as we participated of a home survey (they came to us, was great) for the Mouse Trapp Foundation. This people (and, again, Wokka) were the ones who got me started taking Sarita to the theatres. A couple of years ago, Sarita was dancing for a group called Raices Latinas (still is, actually). They offered us a leaflet from the MouseTrapp Foundation, about a project called *Family's first night out*. So you choose 3 of the many West End option, which normally would cost avarage £45 for the stalls, three dates, and they ll give you up to 6 £5 tickets for one of them. (you gotta choose three in case your first option isnt posible). We went to see Joseph and his Technicolour Dream Coat. Wokka had given to Sarita for her previous birthday a voucher (made by him @ the office, plastified and all, so sweet) for a musical of her choice. We saw Phantom of The Opera.

At Joseph I saw the adverts for Kids Week (children dont pay to go theatre), and then I joined the theatre online page,they send us a lot of cheap offers. So when the MouseTrapp sent us the questionaire, I said sure, I ll open my doors to these guys…and we did. And now we got tickets for LesMis…which Sarita wanted so much to see….

One problem, parking at the West End horrifyes me….my disabled badge doesnt work there, 20p for 5 min at the meters, and go find a meter @ Picadilly Circus… I have no money for cabs. I cant climb into a bus, I cant do the stairs @ underground. I hate London's West End, it's a *La Zorra y la Uvas* (The foz and the grapes?) fable thing…. I hate it coz I cant have it…, I ll do by parking nearer the division with Camden and getting taxi from there…. It ll be a good evening, I hope.

But coming back to the age gap thing, my 48th birthday is around the corner, I wish I was in better health.

Oh Boy…..

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