Les Miserables……

…….was great last night.

I was a bit worried to begin with, Sarita has asked to see it since she started singing Cozette's song at  VoxBox (where she does singing classes), last year, but with our financial situation I couldnt even book theatre with Kids Week (a great scheme here in the Uk, for every paying adult, a kid goes free).

But I had forgotten all about the MouseTrapp Foundation, so I called them and they sent us the ticket (it s all explained in an entry before, I think). So my first worry was Sarita, or, to be precise, her being able to take a 2 hs 50 min play, that being a Victor Hugo's one especially, after all, she is only 10 years old.

My second worry was the transport. It is not that I dont want to uise public transport, but the fact that when I do, I end up suffering for at least 48 hs, unable to do anything as I 've forced my joints and….all that. In this case, I would ve have to make 3 combinations by underground, or walk which to me is an unwalkable distance if taken a bus. All of the above would've taken a bit over an hour. Which would've ended up with me in bed for another 48 hs.

So I went into the Westmisnter council website, to look for parking meters (do not dream about getting a disabled parking bay, and my disabled badge is not from said borough….) or the different combinations I could do if leaving my car just before the change of bouroughs….the problem being that the part of Camden nearest to Westminster also disqualifies my badge….

To minicab or not to minicab? 12 quid each way, they tell me, and you gotta book it in andvance, which restrains your night out…..so, I thought, what about private parking establishments?

I remember being horrified by the amount of money I had to pay when meeting my friend Nyx (and some others) at a pub in the West End few years ago…..close to £35….. (we did have a blast of a time that day though!!!) if you think that Mr Livingstone has increased the congestion charge (which luckily I dont pay for) to £8 lately, how much could the private parking have increased? I didnt have all that money, that s for sure.

But then I found this offer @ website. You are going to the theatre? Get your parking and theatre tickets stamped by the theatre guys, arrive at parking after 18.00 hs, the fee is a flat £15, but we ll give you 50% off…..so it ended in the marvelously great amount of £7.50, plus the guy at the entrance recognised me((or my voice, as I called them to make mysekf sure I wanst allucinating), and as I arrived at 15.56hs, kindly suggested that I pulled over at the side so they didnt have to charge me an extra £9 for being before 18.00 hs…….

Found a parking space, the exit (wasnt easy, trust me) and as we were leaving the parking building, the rain (ou uma garua paulistana, eu diria) started, just to p**** me off  for not being able to do pictures….Oh God! there I was, in China Town, with my child, my gorgeous child, just there with the old red fone box, the chinese pagodas, the camera in the bag, and no pictures…. (well I did take some regardless, as you can see….).

Some people may not understand this, but I havent been able to make it to the West End for a few years now, parking problesm, walking problems, money problems…..and live in London and not being able to go to the West End, when you are a performer (or even just to take pics) oh well, yesterday was a blessing. The rain borught us into Costa coffee, where they have these lemon and white chocolate muffins… mmmm….

Despite all my worries, Sarita made it through the whole play very well, she understood most and I whispered when I thought she didnt, we both loved the play, the music was amazing, Sarita sings Castle in the Clouds better than the kid they casted (I didnt tell her, though, she gets all full of herself and…you know!), the guy who plays Jean Valjean had an amazing voice, (well, actually, they were all great), the costumes and scenarios are unbeleivable, I almost cried at the end…..

We got out and as sarita said she wanst all that hungry, instead of crossing the road to go to the Wong Kei @ Wardour St, we made our way to the carpark through the other side, but, us being us, we couldnt resist the temptation of watching every window of China Town, dressed, as you can imagine, with a load of dead ducks. I m sorry of you are a vegetarian, but to us, was like a magic flute calling…..then ended up eating crispy duck pancakes at the restaurant at the corner….

Best of all was Sarita's happiness about the whole outing, even being able to eat with chopsticks was a singing experience….. that Guilmore Girls feeling again, the feeling that I am getting there with her education…. I know it a neverending story…..but at times, like when she lies or seems to not register absolutely anything that I say, I get so frustrated….. and I sometimes blame myself for having spoiled her….

Well, last night we made our way back under the rain (in the car), at almost 1 o clock in the morning, repeating time after time how great it is to have mum-daughter's friendship…..  and whith those words all worries disapeared, and not even the stabbing pain in my right leg or the knowledge of no money in the bank can cloud our life…….

Before going to bed I made a point of Sarita calling my dad, to let him know we went to see Jean Valjean, my niece and nephew were there, they talked a lot, my dad was happy, my mum was happy (apparently the fact that Sarita and Geraldine (my niece) talked for a long time on the phone  makes my mum extremely happy…. 🙂 , I was happy that Sarita is managing Spanish allmost as well as Portuguese…..Sarita was really happy to talk to them all……

All these brings me to the (even though probly a cliche, very comon words) conclusion that Happiness isnt something we achieve at the end, but the lightning bolts of moments like these all…..and keeps reminding me that I should not worry too much with the future…… Que sera, sera, sera lo que deba ser…………..



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