it s the friday before last…..

…of the *summer* holidays…..what summer? I hear you say….well, this is England, after all.

Wokka came for dinner last night, I ve got lots of things in my head but not ready just now to write about this, but I managed to cook dinner, we watched some funny tv, 15 minutes after he left I got stomach cramps, those that ruin my sleep at least twice a month, managed to sleep at 3, woke up with my right arm paralyzed. Last time this happened, not sure if it was 04 or 05, Wokka had to drive us to A&E, only for them to tell me I already am in the top dosage of antinflamatories (150mg of diclofenac sodium daily) and stupidly (well, maybe not) denied me a cortisone injection.

I remember well what the duo decadron cortisone injections did to me in my early 20's, when I was working singing morning, afternoon and evenings, and my vocal chords used to go into strike. First time the doc prescribed the injection, he warned me. The cortisone is a steroid, which reduces the inflamation of the vochal chords (and many other things) so that, if you had no voice at 10 am, a gig at 10pm, and had the injection at, say 4pm and go rest (opposed to talk like a machine gun on the phone, rehearsal for 2 hopurs and smoke 15 cigs) you would sing like Maria Callas (or Shakira, or Curt Cobain or whoever your taste sends you). Problem is, if you start getting use to it, and therefore abuse it, it ll make you swell like a frog, and your sking will develop elevations which in time would become craters…. I put on 14 kilos, but was in love with cortisone and the needle (it does not have an effect as a recreational drugg would do, the injection is in your bum, painfull, but you can sing, and that at the time meant money….).

Untill one day one of the band's

 guitar players came with some pics from one of the last gigs. One of them, particularly, depicted my profile, with my arm looking more like a beisbol player holding a bat more than a girl holding a microphone. I went to my parents house, in hiding, for over 20 days, followed a diet in which lots of pinapple was involved, managed to get decent, forgot about the cortisone.

But this is all history.

My arm feels better now.

Sarita went to play centre, last day today untill classes start again.

Classes will start again soon, in what….a week? oh dear, oh dear….

I may be back later, I m tired now, need to lay down (I also want to finish the LAM article before (like all other previous months) it's too late)

Raven Simone is in the background (Sarita s delight….)

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