Anger….can you manage yours? (for mothers over 35)


I was in a soft state of mind, we haven't done much (hence my lazyness post). Downloading and editing Sarita's (my daughter) pictures. And then it happened again. I know it is an age thing, I know, she isn't a toddler anymore and she isn't a teenager yet…God knows how my mother's anger was controlled when I was 10…. (well, I do know actually, it was my dad, they both had it pretty well worked out, it is then when I wish I had a live in partner ) but hey, I do get angry and frustrated.

I have thousands, no, millions of question about the parenting thing, but these are not questions that can be answered by someone else, nope, you gotta work it out yourself.

I know I have spoiled my daughter up to a certain extend. I also know I love her to the end of the time, and I want her to have a good life, and so it hurts when you have to punish, but she wont have a good future unless I teach her how the world works and what responsabilities are and …blah blah, you know if you are a mum, well, the kind of latin mum we latin women are…thinking about this, maybe not all of us, I can reasure myself coz I did see a lot of what my mum would call *desnatured* mothers when working for the UK's immigration system…..


Are you bringing up your child alone?

Are you over 35? (I was 37 when my daughter was born, we are bound to defere if you are much younger….) 

Does your child act like the boy who cried woolf?

Does saId child makes you angry?

Can you then manage your anger?

I would like to hear from you…….

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