The best part of being lazy….





… that you save money.

Not that I am actually lazy……but has been driven to be, precisely beacause our financial sitauation is down the drain. Yes, I hear you -*you travel,you pay your child's many classes (which dont come cheap), you go to musicals*….well, maybe that's why.

But when you have to surveive in a budget as tight as mine, and want your child to have a future, you have to lay down and watch telly. Ok, I was almost forgetting the fact that I cannot do much physical effort like redecorate my house (which I would LOVE to) because I have a plastic (or whatever the material) hip and another one without any joint left……

Anyway, the best part of being lazy in an organised manner is that you can, for sure, save money.

As I wrote before about this, we didn't get any Kid's Week tickets this year as we were getting LesMis for free. Now, temptation is just a stroke of the keyboard away…..  what am I talking about?  ok, I'll tell you. I'm suscribed to the Official London Theatre website. These people are great .

They send me half price tickets, tell me when a play is coming off the theatres, last chance like, or even about children's free workshops.

So I logged in, and there it was, in bold to make it even more apealing, they had free more tickets to Mary Poppins in the Kid's Week deal……. to spend or not to spend…..well, of course, I did. We are going, tomorow. Yes, it is my birthday present, I would like to think, but it is actually a present for Sarita……and here is where I doubt about my parenting skills….should I be giving her so much constantly? Is this not spoiling her rotten?

You don't know how many times I have asked myself, should I stop DaCapo  (the violin school) , or even the performing arts classes, in order to make her understand that she needs to listen, take responsability for her things?  Well, my dad says no.

I think I can praise myself of having wonderful parents, they educated us marvelously, even if they arent marvelous to each other at this very moment (old age and lack of money does that to people, trust me) they did take care of us in beautiful manner and I owe them all I have achieved.

So, my dad says is her education, you cannot deny her.

Oh… I don't know what to do at certain times…..

I just downloaded for her all songs from Bugsy Malone, as we woke up the film was on @ BBC , I then remembered why I didnt remember anything but the title, it was an Alan Parker movie allright, but made in 1976, which was the time I was getting my clothes off in the remake of Hair ….probably wasnt interested in kid actors…… well, she is now (Sarita) singing  alone the *tomorow* song, which, by the way, I thought she could sing much better than the (am sorry, mum of said kid) overweight kid they chose for it….

And I m gonna go finish with our dinner which is in the oven before it burns, will come back to tell you about the lazyness, though…..! (and overweight kids too, that really worries me…)  Chau!       

A bit later……..

Not sure what time it was when I wrote, but it's now almost 23:00hs, and I'm here already regreting the whole Mary Poppins thing, the way I regret most of things I do for Sarita when she behaves that way, the way she just did now, which takes me into a frustrated state, how can you talk to your child to get them to listen?

I would understand if whatever it was I wanted to dragg her attention to was not related to her, but it has been about the music and the photographs.

The thing is, I blame myself coz, if the tele was'nt on Zack n Cody, she would've have to pay attention …..

Dunno, I m angry now.

I need to get into a strict discipline with her.

I should think seriously about this.

I am now a bit too angry to write, it wont work.

Let's talk about something else, like, for example, I got to finish the LAM article, it was actually not that bad, considering I haven't done anything like reviewing for a while….I was worried about David as I haven't heard from him for a while, but he is ok, we talked on the phone. I do not like the girl, though,  I try to be honest but sometimes you have to deal with not liking whoever your friends choose as a partner . This issue wont work right now for me to write, as the poor girl will end up paying for my parenting thing right now.  Better get to sleep, but I know I wont sleep now, we woke up at miday.

Anyway, anger….can you manage yours?                                                


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