Mary Poppins…..

…was amazing.

I have to confess that, being a child of Julie Andrews, Mary Poppins, Sound of Music generation (I ll be 48 next week!) I had my doubts about someonelse fitting Julie's shoes…..but this actress, Scarlett Strallen, does. And she isn't the only one. The whole cast is brilliant, even though I couldnt get over the Dick Van Dyke thing, the guy isnt quiet there, but in the overall it was brilliant.

The scenarios go up and down, the actors fly, the costumes are to die for….

Anyway, I m dead tired, my leg hurt, but needed to mail something important so I popped in here…I m getting addicted to this place, which is good in a way, coz I m finally writing the journals for Sarita….and I have read some very interesting people…(I dont usually read, but some titles called my attention) and two of them especially (whom you ll see I added to the neighborhood & friends…)

I still need to get the way this all works, but I m proud of myself for making the journals….maybe it can develop into plunging the courage to go study again (which is scary when you are almost 50, in a different language to yours, and is imperious if you wanna get a job in my current state of body & mind!)

Nite Nite

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One Response to Mary Poppins…..

  1. Nonamé Wynd says:

    I've found journaling is a good way to document your history. If not for others, but for yourself. I've been writing at LiveJournal since 2001, and just recently came here. And its always an intersting expirience to go back and read on things that had happened years ago. You can see how you've changed, or what you need to change. Or just look back on the good or bad times. 🙂

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