1000 reasons why Lloyd Webber……..

…..should be, at least (so I'm not cathegorysed as violent if I say shoot in the head) put away for murder.

Don't worry, I wont enumerate here the 1000. But that I am thoroughly p*** o***, I am.

Sorry, maybe you are not following, I explain:

Most of the time, most of my British friends laugh a bit of my liking of musicals, but I have allways given Mr Lloyd Webber some credit. The guy has staged amazing musicals, I myself have performed in some of them. I know some people see the musicals genre as something of a lower thing, but I have been passionate about musicals all my life, even when I was in the darker periods….maybe it's got to do with the fact that I first got on stage (oh so very young ,aged 13) with Hair…and never looked back, maybe it's got to do with the fact that, in the time when I was performing in musicals, they were a revolutionary thing, so much that we had the theatre blown by an extreme right group @ last general rehersal of Jesus Christ Superstar in 1974 in Argentina (they were so stupidly misinformed,or should I say, thank God, they killed the poor night porter instead of the whole cast + directors) and the musical was never again staged….same thing with Evita….it didnt play in Argentina or Brasil, they felt so strongly about picturing poor lil Eva as something less than a Saint…. (we made it to Mexico and Chile though, that goes to show how far the political brotherhood streches…)

So, not to loose track (which I allways bloody do) Mr Lloyd Webber did some very good things, he is patron of the arts, so I'm told (if you know him, ask him if he wont lend me the money to send my daughter to performing arts school).

But then he has this idea, hey, let's stage the Sound Of Music. Great. The Sound Of Music os great. It was, actually, what inspired me to make music, to sing, to want to act, I saw the movie 9 times as a child.

When my daughter was 5 and we came back to live in London, I bought her 3 videos: The King & I, Annie and The Sound of Music. Before that, she loved singing, started going to performing arts groups aged 2 (they didnt even wanted her the first time, they said too young, then implored us not to take her out….), and, you know how I tought her to sing……yes, you've guest right, it was the old *Do, a deer, a female deer* and *high on the hills*, *the hills are alive* , so long, farewell* and so on, all in the bath tub, (whilst fighting with the nit comb, as any mum would know!)…….So you see, Sound Of Music is very dear to me.

Nothing wrong with Mr Lloyd Webber wanting to stage it, who else (well maybe Cameron Mackintosh) more qualified and solvent to stage it properly…..but here is where the anger starts……

With so many highly qualified, experienced or not, but  highly qualified women who, in order to achieve the qualifications, had invested an enourmous amount of money, so many of them, jobless or working in other fields whilst auditioning, or even working on the chorus line waiting for an audition which will give them their desired and deserved break, does Mr Lloyd Webber looks into the balancing the enormous unemployment  dizequilibirum………………….? well, Nope.

Mr Lloyd Webber, instead, teams up with the BBC, (another one of my not so loved institutions of the Great Britain) to make a circus which I dont even find as attractive as The X Factor (which is a circus, but at least we laugh our heads off, and Simon Cowell is much better looking than Lloyd Webber, and I wouldnt mind myself a moment alone with Mrs Osborne (oh my, am I getting old?)…..:*How do you solve a problem like Maria*, they called it.

Don't get me wrong, there are very talented women as contenders, even the start up was quiet high quality, but we all know why they do this, how much money do you think the BBC + British Telecom + Mr Webber are making out of this? 

Another reason to bring him to trial, and this is something that really, really p*** me o*** when young (or not so young) performers make a revival or a version of stuff…… nobody mentions who wrote the song, who first performed it, brought it to glory, so you get my daughter lil friends at school coming up with….I m gonna sing *Eternal Flame*, by Attomic Kitten….. or * As* by George Michael and MJ Blige….oh dear….poor Bangles, poor Stevie Wonder…… so, as I was saying, another reason to bring him to trial: Mr Webber claims this musical as his. Not in a single place have I seen it anounced as anything other than *Andrew Lloyd Webber's Sound Of Music*….. excuse me, correct me if I am mistaken, after all, I m just a bloody foreigner, but Mr Lloyd Webber was prolly 11 years old when Rodgers and Hammerstein composed the musical…..

So, if we take Mr Lloyd Webber to trial for murdering the Sound Of Music, he may not be tottally guilty, but these *lil* things really annoy me. You know what the worse thing is? I will go and see it at certain stage, probably not when it first open, as the only times we can go see musicals which are fully priced is when Kids week is on, that meaning next summer, so, maybe a qualified actress/singer/dancer would be performing, maybe it will still be the girls who wins BBC's circus….(which, take my word, it's gonna be Shiobam, they even had the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang kids innocently indicating that *if the contest was by prettyness, she would defo be the winner*, she is good looking, has a considerable soprano voice…..will she be able to take it? a musical every night, twice a night, fit into Mrs Julie Andrews 's shoes?


I guess I will know, next year, when I go see it…….


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