I woke up ……


…….late, as usual for the past few weeks, with Liara (our girly cat) munching on my foot. Who'd say, we got a cat with a foot fetish…thing is, see, cat teeth and tongues aren't my idea of a smooth awakening…..now I'm thinking, I have never liked anyone touching my feet unless I knew them and loved them, I cant think of taking my boots of not even in my days of glory on the scene…..

anyway, did I tell you that Sarita makes me breakfast and hands me the medication and a full bottle of fresh water every day? well, she does, I ll try to remember this when I'm in an anger attack about something she did not listen to me about or, you know motherly things.

So, I cried from under the covers, your cat is hungry,she is eating my foot,it's too late to go out to the market, I need coffee, I need a quarter of a million pounds, I need a new body!!!!!!! and Sarita streches in bed laughing outloud……I get help to stand up and go to the loo (everybody should have ensuite toilettes, I for sure should!) I come back, get the best coffe in the week, realise is saturday, realise is raining….again

I get a text message from Cheska wishing me Happy Birthday and realise I have texted (like a month ago) some friends and asked them to keep free tonight, then spent all the money, didnt organise anything, and, of course, forgot to tell them……so I text Cheska to tell her thank you but it s on tuesday but thank you anyway, realise I have no more credit, we make breakfast/lunch of smoked salmon, fresh salad with beetroot and cream cheese, come back to bed, I think about my friends expecting to hear from me and come to the PC, where I found some unexpected marvelous words and get touched by emotions, so I go to Fotothing, best place to go for my emotions…..

*I'm feeling fine, filled with emotions stronger than wine*…..would you believe it, it's a line from a BugsyMalone song, which Sarita has been singing since the performance…. well, I have made a nice progress this week…..I'm indeed feeling fine. I have to make time to write about Andy's call last night (my daughter's stranged father, my ex husband of 10 years, or the alcoholic person he became, lets add) but that means talking about LIz's visit…..ah…that requires concentration and I'm feeling fine…..so, hehe, lets do it later. I have something more important to do right now!

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