The end of the summer….

…is around the corner. Not that it felt much like summer to me, but hey, we've managed to save money, see two musicals when we thought we would see none, had some very good mum/daughter laughter, some notsogood mum/daughter arguments, great food, not so great television….and now is back to school on tuesday, which is also my 48th birthday, which is also the day the council will cutt off our electricity 9 to 5…

I would rather school started tomorow, it is odd when the academic year doesn't start on a monday, it s weird, but it will give us more time to get ready, some hard working days we have ahead.

I am particularly pleased with this place, the whole vox thing is still a mistery to me, I see people write about themed stuff, or take pics of same stuff, I am still to discover what the QtD thing is…..but even with my un-knowledge of computers and technicalities, I'm advancing, I am writing (quiet a lot, as a matter of fact), and I have been back to Fotothing to have a look at my friends pics, which makes my heart sing.

When I came to vox was more to be in touch with Nyx, mainly to write for Sarita to read in the future, wasn't even thinking of navigating the place, even less making friends….but as it goes, this place has some beautifull, colourfull,interesting people.

I never thought I would find again people online I would, one day, like to meet, not after my complete disapointment with the online world a couple 3 years ago…. but I did.

It is great to find an incentive to write, it's even brilliant to find some hope in the human race….


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