Croc Hunter, God & Pink





Croc Hunter died

God knocked on my door today (in the skin of a mum of an ex Sarita's school friend)

Pink is amazing, I m in love with her after watching U and ur hand

I will write about these things (conjuntely and separatly, for the 3 are deeply interconnected!) later.

Sarita starts school tomorow, I need to go make sure everything is in place.

It is later now.

The thing about Steve whatshisname CrocHunter dying kinda made me sad. Yes, I agree with some ppl who found him a bit annoying, but, in my new phase in life when I m trying, as much as I can, to see the good side of all things, people and their actions, the guy was full on, is like:

When Paul criticised Jamie Oliver, or when Sarita critisices this or that singer….I go:

When you are able to make it big, earn your living of your proffession and become somehow as big as they became, then talk…..

The guy was good at what he did, Sarita loved the program, he was a husband, a father (even if he wiggled his son to the crocs), he was, above all, young, very young, too young to die, if you ask me. This brought me (along with other stuff that has been stubornly in my mind lately)  to the question of God, and the existence (or not). This would be a very, very long thing to write down, I will, eventually, do it, but it has to do with the fact that Sarita is getting older, we talk a lot more about life and she is so mature in some stuff, so childlike in other stuff (but of course! she is only 10!), I really would like to be as truthfull as I have been trying to be in the past. The problem lays, you see, in the fact that we have a polireligious family, where you'll find roman Catholics, Evangelists (born again I think you guys call it), Muslims and Jewsihs. Yes, dont tell me…. Basically I do believe in something, more like something inside of us than something high in heaven (or low in hell), but I do believe in after life, for example, I believe there's life in places other than earth (wouldnt I love to go explore with Pickard, or have a close encounter with Deanna Troi or Tom Paris or Capt Janeway….yummy!) it is confusing, every time I start to have a bit more faith in the concept of God as the world has it, some weird stuff happens, and I give up…. (I had given up faith when my hip replacemnt went wrong and I had none, yes, none to help after my mum left the UK), but I'm already blahblahing too much. Maybe now that Sarita starts school I will find some time to write about God, after all, this is for her (for you , my sweet, gorgeous, loved daughter) to read when she is older….

Lets go into the next issue, which is Pink.

She isnt very pinky, she feels very butchy to me, but (and I know here many ppl will agree) the woman is amazingly beautifull. Yes, I know, the beautty is on the eye of the beholder and all that, but in a general concept of the 20th/21st century, even when I myself prefered more curved, fuller ladies, she is stunning.

She also (in my opinion) has a great voice, the visuals are amazing, the songs…well, I like one or two, cant say I would go buy an album, but she isnt bad at composing either. She has this chameleon thing and (either she herself of her video producer or costumes designer) the most fantastic taste in clothing herself….. Now, all was well until I saw her in an interview, cant remember who with, when she did Stupid Girls…..she has that attitude I am intelectual, you know, I dunno , I cant explain, coz is more like a feeling than a reasoning thing. Anyway, maybe is like that fable, the fox and the grapes, you know, the one when then fox discovers it ll be impossible to get the grapes, says *I dont like grapes*…. maybe is coz I would like to be her….My friend Guillermo (who died in 2000, another one of my faith's low punches) told me many times that he thought I fell in love with the women I wanted to be….wotever. (I'm sure it isnt like that with the men I have fallen in love with).

So, today, monday,last day of the school hols, the sun came out. I said to Sarita she could go outside play with Lauren, she was dancing of happiness, they put on the skates and spent a beautifull afternoon outside,I got a weird visit from Juanito's mum (forgot about that, didn't I?), she is a Jehova's Wittness, I will (again) include her in this God thing. We ended up not doing absolutely nothing of what I said yesterday I wanted to do today, but it's ok. For once in like 12 summers spent in the UK, I am happy with it ending……

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One Response to Croc Hunter, God & Pink

  1. Steve Green says:

    Do you think the stingray was put up to it by a bunch of crocodiles who were plain pissed off that he jumped back every time they charged him?

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