48th Birthday…..


I have to say, birthdays in London are a bit…..is like, I get phone calls from all over the earth, from people who need to spend an anourmous amount of money to call us, but the friends in London don't call. Well never mind, I got over that some three years ago, when I realised who was who, and I can proudly say I have few friends, they are not in London, but those few are so very dear to me.

Woke up with this:

a gigantic piece of drawing paper attached to Ben (Sarita's fav toy), and a capuccino, just before she started geting ready for school….I didn't cry, I swear! That was actually followed by Carina's phone call, (you gotta love her!!!) she ll be coming over later.

Got calls (separately,even though they live in the same house) from my mum and dad, and a few friends (Barcelona, Madrid, Boston, NY, LA) and I know the Brazil & Argentina calls will come tonight… πŸ™‚

Got some beautifull mails, again, from all over earth, well, in fact Carina wrote and attached a picture, but she doesnt count as in being in London as she is Brazilian (and so very much so!!!)

I am in a calm state of happiness. Even the council gave me a pressie, they were gonna cut off the electricity for the day, but they had it done in a couple of hours, which meant that I can, not only be here with you guys, but also have the music top volume as (my next stop) I ll reward myself with a proper bath, as my next door neighbor offered to come help me in (and out, of course!)….

And the sun is out.

Just for the record: I m listening to some (very old) stuff from Carol King, Carly Simon and James Taylor (each separate and together) and the song now is: Haven't got time for the pain…. so appropiate!!!!!   πŸ™‚

Next stop has to be Joni Mitchell….cannot get closer to 50's without La Mitchell singing Circle Game and , oh well, I can listen to La Mitchell non stop today….. πŸ™‚

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