….or whatever the spelling, you know, being terribly tired, feeling like every bone in your body is splitting, well, that's how I fell yesterday. Pain, lots of pain, nothing would take it away, even when I took another lot of Tramadol, the pain was still there, and one of the worse side effects of it is insomnia…..so I was still in pain, unable to sleep.

Not gonna write about it more, as I'm not in so much pain now, but I know it maybe related with the fact that I have been spending more time at the PC….

There is something which is bothering me even more than my pain right now.

After picking Sarita up @ school, we went to see Tracie and the girls, whom I hope you'll be meeting soon as I send them an invite for here, Tracie is one of the most amazing women I have ever met, the girls are equally marvelous, + Sarita absolutely adores them….

I was convinced they were borough of Camden, it proved wrong in the most unfair, horrible and desgusting practice that mr Livingstone has in this city: a bleeding PARKING FINE!!!!

And I'm lucky I wasn't clamped, I think that the Disabled Badge stopped them towing my car away.

Sarita was asleep the whole journey, I got out of the car to get chinese, as I knew, if I came back home to cook, even cheese on toast, I would burn myself or the whole house, it 's allways like that when I m overtired or angry. So I remember that I promised myself to see the good side of things as much as possible, calmed down, we had great dinner, no washing up left to do, and Sarita is almost ready for bed (9:15 pm, a record !!!!!)

I will go to bed, read a bit, try to sleep and save the writing for tomorow, in order to avoid full on pain.

But I am sure there is something which is helping my nogettingangry tonite…..

I received the secundary schools info, we read it together, had a really good chat, and came to a conclusion, we know which schools she' ll be applying for, and I am sure she will get in the one she wants…(of the non private ones, of course!) which- marvelous coincidence- has a brand new, state of the art Performing Arts building……ahhhh…what a relief….

like we say no meu Brasil……..Quando Deus fecha uma porta, com certeza te abre uma janela….

I should write about Squiggle's visit last night, was great to see him, but will do tomorrow….



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