….and reality seem to be simbiotic in my flat at the mo.

I thought I should title this The Massive Attack of the Carpet Beetles, but then it would be misleading people into despising a band which I particularly don't dislike. SciFi, my friends, it's childs play compared to the spread of these disgusting worms in summer, which wouldnt be a problem if we didnt have global warming, but with the climate changes, London summer has nothing to envy to, say, a Carioca's summer, oh well, maybe it has a lot to envy (like the beaches, the atmosphere, the fact that my family and friends are there, but you know what I mean…)

I m very, very tired.

We spent the afternoon cleaning, as I got my friend Tracie to help, and I did so stuffed on painkillers, I woke up with my right arm in agony again. Still, it was great to see my bedroom looking like a bedroom today, better than the sight of a huge pink suitcase open on top of my bed, the receptacle for all the presents we are already buying to take for friends and family in Brasil x Xmas.

I wasn't expecting the worm attack, it delayed everything, it was horrible, I m concerned that the raid spray will do something very bad to Liara (our cat), and on top of things, I had to drive Tracie home, which wouldnt be a problem (I love driving), again, if it wasnt for the weather changes… s raining, it's warm and sticky, my whipers are crapp, I cant see anything at night.

I rung David to come do the DeBugging, as we had spoken about this before, and that horrible kid he has at his flat at the moment picked up the phone, she was very nice to me though, maybe it clicked into her brain when I (in my very subtle way hehe)told her I found her disrespectfull and some other adjectifs.  David wasn't in, but called me almost a minute after, the kid is learning.

He will come next week, it ll be great, I ll get rid of the worms and get to see my friend, it seems the kid has kinda kidnapped him into his own flat.

I m worried about stuff. Lots of stuff.

Sarita's secundary's transfer, my conflict with religion weights right now more than ever, does my annoyment with the Catholic Church (and all other forms of Curches in case you are wondering) weights more than the thought that she would get a far better education at LSU than if she goes to a state one? Not sure, but sure will have to find out soon, the applications must be in by 20th/10.

The parking fine (still didnt write the representations)

The fact that I am still buying junk food, when I swore I would start getting better diet after the school hols.

The state of my accounts.

The worms.

I m gonna go to sleep and get some rest, I have Monica + boyfriend coming over from Barcelona, they ll stay till monday, it ll be great to see her, I allways get into a much better mood when she 's around, better now that I know that this tripp is especially for me 🙂



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