QotD: Words To Live By

What's your motto?

Not sure I ve got such a thing as a motto….

but, if I was to think about what I constantly repeat to my daughter, it'll have to be 2 sentences, which my dad, whom I learned so, so much in life from, gave us through all our lives:

(I ll try to translate into English, which I'm sure wont sound as good as it should)

Life is a staircase : There'll allways be someone some steps above you, take it as encouragement to get ahead, and there'll allways be someone beneath you, take it to think how fortunate you are for having what you have….


Recipie for Success has three ingredients, Capacity , Will Power and a drop of luck…..you gotta work hard on the first two to make the third happen….

Oh…. I miss my Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!

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