QotD: This Is What’s Up.



So very constant in my life, that when I saw the collecting issue, I almost posted the pic I took intended to go on *Show us something you use every day*, and never got up to upload. Here it is:

 The very core of the parafrenalia I use every single day, one box is missing, but hey, it's a never ending story, you take some to help this thing, then you ll have to take this other one to help this other thing, and then after a while taking this and that you ll have to take some others to help with the this and that side effects.

In case you just landed here and know nothing about us: I had a hip replacement gone wrong in 2003, followed by 3 other ops to try to fix me (but they didnt).

Now, the most recent What's Up on Pain: my right arm, the shoulder, sometimes refuses to move, others just plain hurts. And hey, I came to the PC on the hope that reading ppl here and writing would help,but as I had to drive sarita to music school early this morning and we went *Charity Shopping*, I think the only way out would be to sink in the bath tub, full of very hot water….it has proven to be helpfull, even when the tens unit or the infrared lamp/massager thingy dont….

On the other hand, I bought a great pair of boots for a fiver, and some stuff for Sarita…..shopping cheap therapy works in healing the soul….. 🙂


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