Another week….

……started. And with a lot of energy, I sat up in bed early after waking up with a solicitors call (yup, I ve finally made my mind up and I'm claiming injury for the kitchen falls…), grabbed my papers to do tray, and hey, hurray, I wrote the letter,begging, crying for Westminster Council to waive that parking fine. I organised all other stuff, including that bleeding stuff for Sarita's school meals, made the photo CD for Moni, and took them to Kings Cross Station.


It was a weird weekend, I havent spent any time with any of Moni's boyfriends, even if this one is quiet nice, it was a bit weird. She may be back in november,we said our very quick good byes as that area is now difficult to stop with the car, and I took off to the most amazing excursion of London, traffic and all.

I had so much done, was quiet surprised as lately my inercia and the procastinating habit were taking over, but, boy, it feels good to be able to feel acomplished, even if a bit worried as my legs are not what they used to be.

Wokka was here last night, and it almsot fell like before….not quiet, but we had a look at the Flickr and he showed me the Guess Where thing…. I got so into it and the map stuff…I may be rethinking the renewal of my Fotothing, to think in favour of Flickr, especially as most ppl here have Flickr…

So, there. Acomplishment, even if having to deal with some not so very nice ppl, is one of the greatest feelings for me at the moment.

Even Sarita makes me feel more acomplished today, when I went to pick her up after I was almost done with the agenda….she now asks me how was my day, every time I pick her up… 🙂

She's got a zit, her first one…..I had to laugh, coz instead of being annoyed by it, she took zillions of pics!

I may be back later, but for now, I really need to be horizontal….


(my my, I ve just realised that something went on with the text size…..sincerelly hope this wont show…but if it does…oh well)


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