Vox Hunt: Great Postcard

Show us a great postcard.

Not sure I can only show one, so you ll have to allow me at least two.

The first is not in this computer, so if you click in the link you ll get to where I store them, these were taken by YoursTrully.

  Rio Da Barra

… in the off road that takes you from Arraial D'Ajuda to Trancoso, just about 15 min before the hill which takes you to the village of Trancoso,(Bahia, NorthEast Brazil) and this is Sarita's godparents place, they run a family B&B, the land has been in the family for over a century….it's paradise….

This next one wasnt taken by me, but by my best friend,Wokka, a person I treassure here in London, he has a Flickr thing, you may find his pics are amazing…. (and I m hoping to see him around here soon….)


A very different view of the London Eye, the best pic I ve seen to this date of this wheel…..

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