Some quick thoughts

The cost of being healthy, horrendous. I try, I swear, to buy organic as much as possible, to cook healthy, I love cooking, plus the smile and pride in Sarita's face when we sit to have dinner with a meal she has contibuted a lot and learn something….that's priceless. But hey, I m skint at the mo, and on benefits.

Have I mentioned I'm on benefits, probably. And the humiliation, the little dignity this government leaves you with when you are on said benefits system….that would make not a whole post, but a book. Followed by the sequel, how to try to go back to work and be told, again and again, by said government officials, that you are better off at home, or (this part hurt badly) to be told by a Parking Offices employee that you should go get a job…..honestly…..

And note I'm not even talking about buying all organic, but just try to be away from all additives et all evil of the food world….I have already accepted that I cannot do all organic, let alone the fair trade stuff.

Now they tell us we have 10 to 20 years to heal the planet, before we reach tip conditions…and I hear everyone telling me that the rest of the world is buying of SouthAmerica, especially my Brazil, *the lungs of earth*….do you recycle?

Well, I do. Not every item recyclable, but quiet a lot. Even when I m at the peack of tiredness, I think: I am helping, even if a tiny little bit…I am helping….Am I kidding myself? Dunno.

Secundary Schools: how much is down to the student, how much is down to the levels of teaching in the schools? Do you reckon your child would do brilliantly at any school if your child is inteligent and capable?

Do you beleive that the preassure of peers is irelevant?

I'm not so sure, I started smoking when I started secundary school….oh .. I dunno.

And, last but not least, a positive thought.

With that *Where to Go* question, I went into the most amazing memories of my travels, dugged the thousands of pics stashed away in boxes (we didnt know about digital), I have to get my scanner connected….

Spain all over… have been blessed with the fact that I was able to live in many Spanish cities for quiet a while makes my heart sing.

Morroco, the start of the connection that took me to Syria (my folks are Syrian, from Alepo & Damascus), passing through Istambul…amazing…..

Egypt, 5 months heavily pregnant, challenging all medical predictions for the lil girl who was born unable to walk….I can still hear people laughing when at the Valley of The Kings, with all the walking I was doing, telling Andy how comendable they thought I was, and what an active baby we would be blessed with….and we were (blessed with the most beautifull, active angel you have ever seen…)

Shame about the Multiple Sclerosis, shame about Andy's oblivion on alcohol which took us appart…..but even that gave me a positive thought when talking to Moni's boyfriend over the weekend…..when he realsied that we (Andy and I) had not had a brief encounter and an unexpected pregnancy….but an over 10 years of strong, intense relatiosnhip and a very much planned baby….

And on thinking of Andy I have the memories of North Wales (where I realised I wanted a baby!), Glastombury, Cornwall, Brighton….the gas bottle lil cooker, sleeping in the car,facing the sea…

One day I will write about all the marvelous places in Brazil I took him, or the ones I had been before, much before…

One place comes to mind right now, Sao Tome das Letras….it is probably very different now then mid 80's when I went, but a magycal place like that cannot have changed that much….

More recently, the fact that I was able to give both my mum and daughter a present for their birthdays that they will treassure and never forget, the 5 days in Paris, and then the desater when, after planning carefully the Disney tripp with my friend Gina, she calls 10 days before leaving to say she s cancelling….and how we were able to change what could have been a hard time into the best time mum and daughter can have….

Anyway, I thought about quick thoughts and have already gone into writing too much, Sarita finished her homework, she is already here glued to the tele on Phil of the Future, I better go *unglue* her…..


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