…could be a really tirying job, even if one isn't the real MrsPeel, I tell you. Especially if what you are trying to avenge is the unfairness, the general stupidity of the system, but lest not get into it again.

I am so dead tired I cant sleep, thus my presence here. Grey's Anatomy hasn't the power to either make me forget about what I have in mind or bore me to dead and make me fall asleep. I'm here. I know I will not stay long, but is like, maybe if I write it down it will solve itself, this question mark in my head (doubt it, but one can but try).

I am utterly pissed of with Flickr.

Wokka showed me the group, the Guess Where London, I loved it, tried to upload but apparently you have to join, so I sent a request. They declined my request, coz I dont have any Guess Where London pics….how can I have them if I am not in the group? I know, it s maybe some English technicality, like I should tag my photos geographically, I'm not sure I do, you see, so I went and upload some, if anything, I will have my own thingy.

Hehe…in the mean time, I think I got it…even though I, for some strange reason, dont really feel at home in Flickr. The one thing is that the Fotothing is letting people down. Three times within a week I tried to log in and the site was down, but all this is far from what is keeping me awake.

There are two things heavily weighting in my mind:

.Sarita's secundary school transfer and the year 6 tripp, which is on monday….

She is 10, intelligent, quiet talented, independent too, I never had problems with leaving her at G's with Mia, I even travelled to Leeds and ended up staying an extra two days, she was only 6 at the time. She stayed at her cousin's overnight, she used to stay at Betty's when I was working full time and really akward hours…she doesnt suck her thumb, she never had a blanky (it is scary to see my niece, 12 years old, sucking on both, having a glued state to her mother….). The most important thing of all: Sarita is really, really exited about this tripp and I know she will enjoy it 100%…….what is then, I hear you, keeping me awake? 

The realisation that she is growing up, fast, very fast right now, and that I need to recover my health and be there 100%, that is.

I know, is part of life…

I m also debating about the public posting…..is this part of my exhibitionist thing? I started this for Sarita, still is for her, and I really couldnt give a damm about having comments from ppl until I found some really cool ones here, and these really cool people have given me some answers one way or another…dunno, I m aware, very aware as a matter of fact of the need for privacy, and on the oether hand there is the need to feel that one is so not alone….I'm blahing again.

I should try to sleep, seriously….

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