I was awake last night long after I switch the Pc of and thinking of some very old memories; studying Fine Arts and listening to Genesis; it was big to us there and I had the sounds of Dancing with the moonlit knight; and it sounded so right the Selling England by the Pound thing….

And then it came Caetano Veloso; maybe that's why so many Brazilians made it here.

Caetano was (is but in a different way these days; I think he got a bit *burgoise*) big time poet musicien; inspiring many of us. Needless to say the dictators didnt like waht he wrote. He was forced to exile….and he came to London;that was in 1968 and I am here think about progress; evolution;how these words would be prolly different now… (two stabbings at broad day light around the corner from my house before 3 pm on monday; in a very busy road;go figure)

Anyway it sounded nice……


I'm wandering round and round nowhere to go
I'm lonely in London and London is lonely so
I cross the streets without fear
Everybody keeps the way clear
I know, I know no one here to say hello
I know they keep the way clear
I am lonely in London without fear
I'm wandering round and round here nowhere to go
While in my eyes
Go looking for flying saucers in the sky

Oh sunday, monday, autumn passe by me
And people hurry on so peacefully
A group aproaches a policeman
He seems so pleased to please them
It's good at least to live and I agree
He seems so pleased at least
And It's so good to live in peace
And sunday, monday years and I agree
While my eyes
Go looking for flying saucers in the sky

I choose no face to look at, choose no way
I just happen to be here and It's ok
Green grass, blue eyes, grey sky, god bless
Silent pain and happiness
I came around to say yes, and I say
While my eyes
Go looking for flying saucers in the sky


We are still lonely

and London is still lonely…..

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