Modern day slavery…..

…is growing rapidly.

And I'm not waving my Brazilian flag here, nope. I'm talking as a British resident, one who worked very hard for 10 years, payed an absurd amount of money in taxs,therefore (appart from the undenaible fact of 10 years of marriage and the whole heartedly procreation of a British little being) I've earned my place in this society to complain.

I'm torn.

Yes torn between the conviction regarding my right to complain; rise my voice to denounce those who abuse our dignity and the thought of those around those who abuse our dignity sticking their noses in my life.

I know; is a bit confusing. I am confused.

But take my word for it even confused I am very aware of how much of a slave we are of the stupid system.

And I spent over half an hour trying to break the chains and click send in an email which took me another half an hour to compose….

I couldnt sleep last night couldnt sleep this morning either and as it was raining I took Sarita to school….arrrggghhh that woman's face!!!!!!!!!!!!! HeadMistresses sounded so much better when taken in a sexual context. Don't even ask.


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