Looking at the past…..

…could be, sometimes, a very good thing.

I was bored last night, but didnt feel very inspired to write, after clicking on the vox hunt on someone who was inspired by a family fighting with life, as their baby boy has cancer…..first it made me feel small, then blessed (to the fact that I was a mother at 37 with no problems at all, and Sarita, so far (xo,xo perereca! touch wood n all that!) has been in good health….and then it brought back the memories of working, pregnant, as an advocate and interpreter for 3 boroughs, one which include the Great Ormond St Hospital for children, and asked not to be called again there after I left the Cancer ward in tears, questioning every little thing I believed in…..

So, not wanting to get low, as I had to drive Sarita this morning to music school early, I decided to investigate Vox a bit further. I dont trust my computer's skills, you see, so every time I tried to go start the *collections* thing, I gave up. Shame, really, as I am a collector of all things, but anyway. I saw people with book covers and stuff, and (yes,belive it) I thought they took pics of the book covers and then put them up here….so, last week I took a pic of a book I was reading, and was gonna put it up….and then the Amazon thing came up….and…oh… I love Vox!!!!!!! I was amazed…as it was only typing an author and all the lil covers came up……so I put up a number of books which were very important for me when growing up….(it's all in the *Books* thingy, of course, you can click if you want to see). So, brilliant, BOOKS!!!…..I still have a lot to explore, of course, but as my time sitting at the PC is limited, I thought I did pretty good.

That took me into another thought of the past….coz it was my dad whom, every end of the year, before we would start on a 3 months holidays from school, go to the beach house, or the mountains after my brother was born with some step below asthma, would take me to the book store, and buy me enourmous amounts of books….

I remember, like I have a picture in my mind…yellow covers, from the Robin Hood Collection….and the fisrt one that hit me strong was Little Women. Remember, in my times, we had no videos, not even colour TV,going to the cinema was a huge experience, you would get a new outfit, new shoes….they took me to the theatre a lot, that too.

Theatre was even more exiting than the cinema, real people, just there…..and then there was the ballet…..oh, how I wanted to be a ballerina….(remeber I didnt walk untill aged 5, and kept having operations till aged 8…)  By the age of 10 I knew the Swan Lake by heart, and would dance in the living room when they went out at night, remeber having to bribe a Paraguian maid called Reina (which means Queen, she taught me how to sing in Guarani, their language), not to tell I danced when they were out…I wasnt allowed.

I wasn't even allowed to do gymnastics in school.

So, books, music….they showered me with them…. :)  I had tons of books, equal amount of records….vinyl…(I HAVE to connect my scanner to put those pics up…) and I learned a lot by them.

I dont think I ve seen Sarita reading an entire book…she starts, with enthusiasm, but then gives up….maybe I should get rid of Nickelodeon and Disney Channel….it really gets on my nervs when she sits at the computer and spends the whole time she s allowed playing dressing celebrities at Paper Doll Heaven….

Anyway, better not complain….after all, she studies music, plays the violin, does the performing arts thing, she loves school in general…. (I remember faking illness to be able to stay in to watch the Avengers on tuesday nights… I m not sure I liked school as much as she does…)

Anyway, my Dad….once a genius, allways a nutter, now a bit more nutty than 30 years ago….but hey, Papi, Thank You….For you have inspired me greatly too…. πŸ™‚

(He also inspired Dr Tanya Byron, but that is another issue and I have to go!!!)



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