Technology still hates me….

…I ve come to the conclusion on sunday night. Because I most defenetly dont hate it. I actually love technology big time, I live thousands of kms away from my folks and friends, I cant walk more than a couple of yards these days without being on excrutiating pain (oh, wait, severe discomfort, that s the way the system calls it…), so, yes, I love technology. E mail, digital photography,cheap telephony, microwaves,cars (well, I love very old cars, but in the sense that I would be in hell without a modern one, you know).

But here you have to take into account that, even though I have a young and open mind,I keep quiet well in the physical aspect, still, I was born in the late 50's, I was a teenager in the 70's, I was a musicien and a singer in the 70's  and hated the sinthetizers (wotever the spelling) and electronic drums and all that which I thought took away a guy's job, we didnt have a colour tv at home untill I was 14, we didnt have cassete players till my very late teens or even 20's,therefore, taken also into account that I started using the net aged 40, I dont do that bad.

All these came into mind when, on sunday night, tired and already late to go to bed, I tried to get Sarita's mp3 player working, as she was leaving for the Isle of Wight with the school, her first tripp alone, without mum, she was so exited…and we gave up in frustration as it was almost midnight, she had to wake up by 6 am……and here comes Wokka today, and does it in a sec…..God Bless this guy. A Friend with Capitals, one of the best people I have known in my entire life…but I ll need a whole entry to talk about him…(you can go see his pictures @ Flickr though, he is amazing…)

Anyway, we did wake up at 6 am on monday, got to the school early so we had more time to be together than we thought, she says, as we are pulling over to park: I feel this bumping heart mum, like when I've done something wrong, you know? I dont know why!…….. awwww my baby….

We hugged a lot, I kept reminding her to enjoy herself, she got into a bit of a stroppy when she saw that one of the girls brought a bunny, she had forgoten Ben, her cuddly dog that has been around the world with her, named after my Scottish friend who gave it to her when she was 6…..but she went with a huge smile later….both of us lip shouting I love you!

And then home, the silence.

If you are a mother and your child has gone away for the first time in years, you know what I m talking about.

Sarita is a very independent girl, she never had problems sleeping over at her friend's, her cousin's, I think the only time she cried a lot when I was going out was at my mum's when she was 2 years old….she even stayed away at Gina's for 3 days when I went to Leeds to an overnight party which turned into a longer stay, but that was over 3 years ago, lately I havent had much of a social life, and we were like, joined at the hip…..

I m so proud of her, and I miss her so much, I'm sure this will be a great thing for her.

I slept a lot last night, I didnt have the energy to come to the PC all day, as I hardly had 2 hs sleep the night before (but I was so bloody proud of our skills on packing, when I saw some of the other kids gigantic suitcases! well worth nosleep) and today I had the guy from the solicitors firm come to do the paperwork…oh yes, I decided to claim for personal injury after the council practically laughing on my face with the leak issues and not fixing my floor for over 2 months, making my right arm even worse at every fall….and, best of the day: I made it to the appointment with the school nurse.

Sometimes I almost believe I have a guardian angel, seriously.

I was really freacking on the secundary school transfer issue….this woman spoke to me as a friend, a mum, gave me so many answers….and I was only expecting a recomendation letter…..yes, if you knew what I was going through in my mind, the frustration of not knowing, not having family to ask, guidance….you would understand why this woman could be my guardian angel. So I have decided the schools now, and we will fight for it, great!

Now it is with a bit of sadness (sadness, not shame,as there are ppl like this of all nationalities) that I saw this Brazilians in the news today….. oh well, in the 80's the Colombian maffia, the 90's the Ecuatorians tried (not sure they were succesfull though, they aren't as mafiosos as the Colombians) the new milenium brought the whole of Uberlandia and other Brazilian cities to the UK, it was bound to happen…….Immigration is a tricky thing, I dont blame anyone for trying to make it better in another country, I was once one of them…..but you gotta know how not to get into that vicious circle in which you live to work, leave your kids behind (or the possibility of a carrier) with the promise of a better life and end up not seeing your kids growing up… have to know how not to end up staying in a country which speaks a different language (coz the massive immigration is not only to the UK, as you US's guys, the Swiss, the Germans, Italian, Spanish, probably know…) so, staying and working your guts off, ilegal, for 2,3,4 years; to end up being sent home in the next available flight, lugageless, pennyless…and not be able to speak a word of wotever language said country speaks….. Sad, very sad, but an every day situation I saw working for the UK's HM Immigrations, and that was up till 2001…..there were more and more Brazilians coming every day when I left the service…..

OK, I think I'm done for now…..



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