Gratefull for….

….who I Am.

That's it.

I couldnt stop thinking, coz it took me an awfull long time to do the list, and still, I felt like I was cheating a bit, as I read Jodi's and April's lists , as I read first (or at least I try) when I logg in…..

So I was thinking, editing pictures and listening to the whole list of music I have on media player…..and it hit me…

This song, it maybe a bit childish, if you compare with the poetry of Joni Mitchell (to name one of my biggest idols), but it tells it straight forward…

It's the opening theme of Sue Thomas FBI, the singer is called Jessica Andrews, I know very lil about her, but anyway.

I am. Very much, Gratefull for Who I Am….



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One Response to Gratefull for….

  1. 24SeVeN says:

    That Ferris<sp> Wheel pic is nice! Don;t know why .. I just felt compelled to post on that!

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