High School Musical…..

…is my latest car stereo craze…..I made a CD for Sarita after I got the files (all of them, my, you have to love technology after all) from LimeWire after we watched it on Disney Channel. Some of the songs can lift your spirits whilst driving.

I went to the school for the Portuguese classes meeting. Sarita does this course, it's gonna be her 4th year, only the teacher (Laura, who was magnificently fantastic, both as teacher and person) left in July, she went back to Portugal, so we went to meet the new teacher today.

This course is provided by the Portuguese Consulate, is absolutely FREE, and not bad at all, even though they cut the classes in half last year…but anyway….I went alone, of course, as Sarita is in the Isle of Wight…I don't think this new teacher has a clue….poor girl, she juts arrived last week, has to travel from Stokwell to Camden therefore has already confronted the horrors and expenses the Transport For London ppl inflict on us….

Woke up this morning with my right arm paralyzed again, but the Tramadol Damm it All does it….I still hurt when the arm comes back into place, difficult to explain.

I miss my child, my daughter, my Princess, my untidy, answerforeverything,LittleMissAttitude child……




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