QotD: I’m Grateful For…

Let's make a list.  What are 20 things in your life that you're grateful for? 
Inspired by wyndslash.vox.com.

  1. My parents, their unconditional love & way they educated us.
  2. My daughter
  3. The fact that my daughter was born in good health, despite me being 37 at the time,and that she is still in good health, inteligent, good natured girl,and has powerfull beliefs.
  4. My daughter's talent for the Performing Arts
  5. That I still have health enough to manage to take her and pay for her classes
  6. My family
  7. My friends (not many, and all around the globe,but the best)
  8. Having been able to travel around the world and the fact that I still manage to do it
  9. The ability to make music, sing.
  10. Department of Work and Pensions, UK (even with all the shit they involve, I would be dead if I was in another country)
  11. My car, therefore the DisabilityLivingAllowance (again, curtsey of the UK's gov)
  12. That I dont have to be full time in the wheelchair yet.
  13. Not having gone insane in 2003
  14. The fact that I have done many different jobs, learned, had fun, soffered
  15. All the wonderfull and horrible people I ve met in the past 48 years
  16. The internet for it's through it that I get music and am able to be near my friends & family
  17. Having had intense, powerfully mind bliding love relationships,the ppl who loved me and I loved.
  18. For not havent suffered brutal tragedies, like war or hurricanes, floods or earthquakes
  19. The fact that I am still able to learn.
  20. Being different.

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