Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…..

….all you ve got to do is call….larala larala

You know the song, right?  well, in theory may work. In practice, when you live miles away from your beloved ppl and the time difference is in between 5 to 12 hs, depending who you d like to talk to….I wouldnt be so sure. But hey, we have the internet these days….only I had no energy to even turn the PC on these past few days. Anyway….

We are in the search for the secundary school, as I dont want to keep hopes too high for the Sylvia Young audition, I m kinda realisticly objective, my child is good, I know, but she may be agaisnt 3000 other good kids, the posibilities, down to earth, well…. 1 in 3000. She will audition, but we have to have a choice to back up. It isnt easy.

Living in Camden means overbooked schools, and not allways quality….and it just happens to be that the school she wants to go and the one I want her to get in, are not exactly the ones of our catchment area, too long to explain, but one has to go to open evenings, open mornings, listen to the headmistress, be guided around by year 9 kids, some of them make you doubt about the whole educational system in Britain….

In conclusion: a tireing week, and I m not sure if I said I m glad tomorrow is friday (I love fridays) coz we have to go back to CSG, as the girl who showed us around was a sweety, but ineffective, so Sarita said she didnt have a good feeling about the school, and yes, that s the school I want her to get in….There is also DaCapo saturday morning….whoever thinks a full time mother is unemployed is so, so wrong!

I m off, my bed is calling me sweetly….. 🙂


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One Response to Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…..

  1. Jett Black says:

    I was reading your post, and then i realized tomorrow IS friday…wow… wishing you the best luck with your daughters audition… 🙂

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