…is a very bad thing to combine with physical pain…..I was dragged to the PC today as Sarita asked me to copy High School Musical in a CD for Patrick, a boy in her class, an Irish boy, very cute….hehe aparently the whole school knows the boy adores her, when I asked her if he ever asked her to be his gf…she said yes, but I didn't say yes or no yet….. I laughed and asked how did she manage not to give an answer….and there she came with the Yoav story, awwww, so sweet…. (Yoav is the boy she grew up with in Trancoso,they still have a very strong link….)

Anyway, I have been mostly in bed, reading and watching TV, trying not to spend money as there s less than 2 months to go and we are penniless, skint, dura, sem um tostao furado, sem grana….and with the weird weather not bringing autum in….I was just thinking, last night….please, please, God, dont let it rain in Trancoso when we are there, please, please, help me sell the house, help, help…..

So, lazyness and physical pain, bed, coffee, tea,fruit, sunflower seeds.

I think the whole secundary school transfer exhausted me last week, so this week I just dont have the energy, and is still sticky, not quiet hot, but not autummny weather either….

Not much to tell, no much energy…but in general things are kind of OK….

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