No more procastinating….

…in this family!!!! I finally got it together. Sarita came to wake me up, asking if she could turn the TV on bem baixinho mae? (very low volume that is) and I, without getting into a shouting fit (well, I almost did, but then didnt!!! yeah!!!!) said no, we have a lot to do, main thing being her bedroom and her hair. So we are already started, and I came here as I'm waiting for the water tank to heat, the only device connected in our living room that allow us to listen to music is the PC…so….Cheetah Girls on….. (they are actually quiet good, and that motivates Sarita, all happy)

I got another sign of ageing….Nikki called late on friday to invite us to the baby shower, as she is out of intensive care, and it would ve been her due date. The thing is today, I'm here trying to get my motivation to go….I would ve been happy to get out of the house on a sunday afternoon few years ago…oh well, we ll see how it goes.

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