The Maths of Life.

I m quiet sure I have written about this before, you know, the way that life goes on changing us, before we could change life itself….but thing is (and I know I have written about this before too) I used to read a lot, then I stopped, then I started picking up books in boots and jumble sales, even in the charirty shops garbage (the best ones, the ones you dont need to pay for….) and in doing so, a few weeks ago I came across this guy called James Hawes , the Dead Long Enough book especifically.

I have to be honest, I bought it coz it was 50pence, coz I liked the front cover, nothing else….and then to my surprise here was a guy of my generation (well 2 years younger, still my generation, isnt it?), and what he was writting rung a very, very loud bell….  especially the ever global equation of the Maths of Life….

So, there you go, no matter how different one's childhood & adolescence can be in SouthAmerica or England, the equation presents itself stubbornly.

I could stay and write about this for hours, but cant. Lots to do.

We were very, very ill, both Sarita and me. Spent the half term holiday in bed, but there is allways some good coming out of difficult situations….it made me feel so proud of my child, the way she stayed awake all night, sorted all emergency doctors fone numbers without having to turn the computer on, nursed me like the best, and note that I m talking about a 10 years old girl, and dont forget to take into accopunt that I was borderline with unconcioussness, high temperature, shivering cold and sweatting at the same time, almost fully dressed in bed with 3 duvets and a blanket (all of which it was her who provided, I couldnt possibly walk or move) sick from 19:30 friday till 7:30 am saturday, when the doctor arrived ……

And here comes the reassurance that, wotever you wanna call it, God or the Forces of the Universe or Alah or The Master of Time or..wotever, take your pick, There s something out there (or even within us) clocking the Maths of Life….Sarita only got ill on the saturday night, when I was a bit better, the worse was gone…..


I wanted to come here to write for a while, but energy wasnt in my body, so now I m started I trust I ll be able to get on with it, as I promised her…. 🙂

Now I m going to the docs….


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