Time travel?

I sure need a machine. Maybe I could go back in time a week or so, stop time all together, and then I ll have time and health to do all I still gotta do……I am writing from a net cafe, as I had to come make and print a document to get Sarita's dad to autorize the sale of the house in Trancoso…..as there is time and Sarita is in Music school….I m here, which I know, yes, I should keeep a daily track, but no way at the mo.

I have so much to write and so lil energy and time, I m not sure where to start from….

I got all sorted for Trancoso, even though it meant a lot of stress and the feeling that none cares, sometimes, but I arranged everything in a way that I will go, try sell the house, and I m enphathasing in try, as I m not all sure I ll be able to (precisely coz sometimes none cares…), but I will go, for once, to have a holiday of mine, do nothing, no stress, no bother…I m still trying to figure out how, but I ll be staying at Dilma's, which is the best place in Trancoso, top of the hill, you can even see the ocean, all forest and lil animals….the best, kinda like Rio Da Barra, but without the 20 m drive from the village and no risk of getting stuck na ladeira com o carro!!!!!!!!!!! I have to pay my way, (bot of course!!) but it's well worth it, after my annoyment with Luciana and the zillions of fone cards I spent trying to talk to her., and I sorted the car too…..no really depending much in anyone, which is what was annoying me big time……people dont wanna help, you know….not, of course you dont know, but one day I ll explain. (though, if I think about it, not many people read this, and as it's for Sarita…she very well knows: see, baby? a mae explained this to you…you know)

One spooky thing this week: weather was summery, warm, not at all like september or october England like, when in the past we had to turn heating on in september…and on monday, I picked up the tickets with Jailson (nice boy, such a nice boy!"!!!!!) and I mentioned how I really wanted the weather to get cold, otherwise, if one doesnt feel the weather change, the money one spends to get to the otherside of the world hurts like mad…..and tuesday,kaboom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! winter alltogether in a day…..I m cold, very, very cold, but I dont care.


I should write about Sarita's audition, but I m not, coz I m supersticious (is like the God thing, you see, doesnt matter how much the intelectual part of me has zillions explanations to destroy the theories, I still cant get rid of it….)

Ok, I m gonna go, even though my £1 hour at this computer hasnt finished, as my legs are torturing me, specially as I drove all the way from DaCapo to Camden, not wanting to risk another parking fine….

Oh, almost forgot one very important thing (it may not look like to you, but Sarita and I sure know it is) the wall clock in the living room stopped, we change the battery and still cant get it to work….annoying!!!! specailly since the hole on the wall, the candle smoke burning around ir also reminds me of f****** zee……would you take a £2.49 clock to the repair shop, where they're bound to charge a minimum of a fiver?

I bloody love that clock…..

Time travel and managment, I sure need a machine.!!!!!!

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