I m easy like….


…sunday mornings, why on earth the song goes like that, I m not sure, my sunday mornings are filled with getting together what I gotta do to get to have an organised week, which now sounds like an impossible task.

It's all to do with poor health and money, or the lack of it, but then again, there isn't much I can do right now.

I got upset lately with things that would take ages to write, even though I would like to do so, but then it comes the poor health thing, the fact that I know positively that, if I sit for a long time here, I'll have my hips and knees in agony, which takes me into being upset coz I lent the laptop to the girls when Sarita went to Liz's (one of the very, very few ocassions in the past year) after I had the last operation, and this we are talking about december 05; then I made the next mistake, giving the laptop to Carina who was supposed to get it fixed,she didnt, and didnt bring it back either. Oh louco.

Sarita didnt pass the audition, and this could be coz of the Morales sindrome (you gotta know Chorus Line to get this) or the more likely cause of her having a total blockage in front of people lately, or maybe (but this is more unlikely) she isnt as good as I think she is…but that, as I said, is unlikely,as she has had the aprooval of people who arent realted or friends of ours…unfortunately, I have no time or energy to think and sort this out right now, with the tripp so close, and so much stuff to do (and the allmighty lack of money).Oh well.

Another things (2, to be precise) which upset me was the fact that I had to pay £100 in parking fines, one to TFL, one to Camden, and there s no way to argue, though I would like to have Mr Livingstone face to face and ask him how does he reckon I can be able to have a life with the ridiculous impossitions to disabled people when parking is the issue. Oh dear.

The last (but not least) thing happened on friday, with some woman from DISC (Disabled in Camden) who came over to help me with the fact that I had to ask for an overdraft on the accopunt which pays my carer, and her boos said I should be reembursed (or whatever the spelling). The woman, a very typical Little Britain's *computer says no* or, like Andy would have described her: *my job's worth*, you know, the kind of peopel who cannot think, use their brains outside the very strict facts they have been taught to do their jobs.

What upset me the most was the fact that she wasnt listening to a word I ve said, and being friday I have to wait till tomorrow to speak to someone else, still, the whole thing is stressing me sensless.

Minor things: my cd walkman doesnt wanna close anymore, it has been broken for ages, but it used to close and play, there is no way I can buy an mp3 player, (which I dreamet about) and a cd walkman which pays mp3's cds will cost minimum £25, which will bring me into the worthability of investing the money on the mp3 player; I need to sort my shoes at the repair, make copies of keys, buy some stick its and leave msgs for Nikki and Sean all over the house, sort the final stuff of packing, try to get through to bloody Telewest (hate the fact that I cant have Sky in here!); the woman at the GP's surgery gave me the wrong prescription on friday; and probably another 10 to 20 issues which I wont write about.

Not so minor thing: I still cant get anyone to have Liara (our cat), despute the fact that I was the one feeding and looking after everyone of my British *friends* when they traveled.

I'm angry, I should, maybe, calm down. Maybe.

I dont think I have written about the fact that we started seeing Bette again, the twins are so, so cute, I felt like I havent for 10 years (since when Sarita was a baby)….not even with Connal (my *friend* Tracy's son), nope. Those kids have some special light, and I have to admitt they made me terribly broody. Shame the fact that (even though I may look younger) I am 48 bloody years old, the bits of metal and plastic and the two screws I have in my hips. Shame. Anyway, I'm gonna go try relax for a bit, as is sunday.

It wont be easy…..

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2 Responses to I m easy like….

  1. Nyx says:

    Hey sweetheart.I know I haven't been about. Been ill ourselves, it's no fun is it? Anyway, I'm thinking of you and I'm going to call you when I'm not running about like a headless chicken.Love you xxx

  2. CherrySoda! says:

    oh dear. i'm really sorry about all that. às vezes parece que vem tudo junto em cima da gente de uma vez só, que não dá nem pra respirar. bom, não sei muito sobre a situação aí pra opinar, queria poder ajudar de alguma forma, apesar de não estar realmente perto. lamento pela Sarita não ter passado, mas é assim mesmo, muita gente muito boa já foi rejected several times in auditions, tem que ter fé e persistir. e nem me fala em idiotas que têm porridge no lugar do cérebro. meu pc está quebrado há dois meses, se fosse no BR estaria ok no dia seguinte, mas aqui é só descaso e incompetência. vcs estão indo viajar?
    bjos e boa sorte!

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