About fire and angels

I havent been very well lately, you know, tired, not concentrating very much, and I had some spooky things happening too, some premonitions and some bad vibes, some good ones…but in all I was a bit low.

Yesterday I met my guardian angel, and nope, I m not talking about a paranormal event, but about the fact that my upper body caught fire, foooom, big flame roaring up from my breasts to the top of my ears…and I was in front of the mirror, freaky, when you see yourself catching fire, I tell you.

You know when (well, if you are a woman) you are about to get your periiod and you cut yourself, have little burn incidents, tripp over a brick in the pavement? lack of concetration due to hormones inbalance, so they say…..well, I was gonna go pick Sarita up, was wearing a cotton shirt, the kind that has no shoulders, and I went to spray some body deodorant thingy……next to an oil burner.

Yes, I know.

It happened very fast, the candle took to the spray jet, the flame climbed from my breasts up, foooom, a split of a minute, nope, not even that, a split of a second, the burnt hair smell…and it was gone.

I went into the bathroom, grabbed the shower in cold water and flooded the place (it would take me ages to get into the bathtub to shower properly, and I was kinda shocked, you may understand). I called my GP's to see if I was to go into A&E, my doc called me back, she asked some questions and said that, by the sound of it, I got off it extremely lucky, but she didnt wanna leave it to chance,better if I could get there for someone to have a look….

Appart from some considerable amount of burnt hair and a bit of a sore chest and face,and the bloody traumatic sight of it in the mirror, I have no scars, no pain, was prescribed some creams and rest, and told (by the zillionesim time) that I have a very strong guardian angel….

Apparently what put the fire out was the shirt, curtsey of my cousins who every year contribute to our budget giving us wonderfull clothing via my mum (they live on the other side of the world) . The shirt was flame retardant. I wonder if I would be telling the tale here, have I been wearing a 99p store shirt….

As a conclusion: I have been doubting the existence of God lately, even though  my concept of God has never been the average one, I kinda allways believed in some universal force, I have had paranormal experiences, and above all I refused to believe that this is all we have….but lately all I could see was the human race killing themselves in the name of God, corruption, paedofilia, racism, you know, crime for crime sake…..and I have been going through some pretty taugh times in my own health……

Well, I have to confess that, after yesterday's events…..

Maybe what we oughta do is stop looking up to heavens (or down to hell, wotever pleases you better), and start looking into our hearts….

I know my guardian angel is there.

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