The power of thought….

creates so call coincidence?

Those weird things, you know, you think of someone you havent thought of for over a year, 2 minutes later the phone rings…, or someone who you consider to have a strong negative energy (what my mother would call an evil eye, mau olhado, mal de ojo, depends which country you live in) makes a comment then zap….something regarding said comment goes horribly wrong in your life……do we create such incidentes?


I m still trying to digest the events of the past couple of weeks, which concluded in my almost setting my body on fire.

Things are a bit better now. I rested a lot after Sarita's concert on saturday,we had a very good rise today (they came to put my pelmet in the kitchen yay!!!) and I even called Vanessa Feltz program…Andy would cringe, I absolutely love the woman!!!!

Will be back later.

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