…are running high lately around here….but I m keeping my spirits. Their bloody loss. (I know what I mean)

On the other hand, something really brilliant happened on thursday.

I asked Bobby, Sarita's singing teacher at SY, if I could have 5 minutes to talk to him, it was eating my mind the thought that Sarita failed the agency audition, maybe I (being her mum and all), even after my 30 some years in the bussiness, lost the ability to see talent?

Well, it seems not.

I asked him as Sarita loves his class, and I can tell by the things she tells me he is a really good teacher, makes the whole thing fun for them, and a sensitive guy….not bad in the outisde either 😉 (if I was like, at least 15 years younger and havent lost my faith in the male race! lol)

We had a really good chat, he says Sarita has the voice and a future in the bussiness. The best thing was that everything he said rung a bell, made perferct sense, so I m sleeping tighter. He even gave me his number to have a longer chat as he had to go teach.

Francesca came yesterday with her new girlfriend, very nice girl too, then Sarita and I cooked a beautifull trout, ate wonderfully, she in DaCapo now, I had to come back as she (I wasnt surprised) forgot all her Xmas cards at home.The weather is miserable,I havent got any money to put more petrol in the car (I actually had to put £5 on thrusday, after 2 years of never putting any less than 10…) and Liz isnt at home to give me a massage….

I have been in excrutiating pain this week, especially thursday, which in turn went on to yesterday, as I couldnt stop and put my legs up…I wanna finish packing today too, so maybe I can rest monday, tue and wed morning before travelling, buty we all know things dont quiet go as planned, so I m not keeping too much hope.

Oh well, there ll be time once I actually get to Trancoso, as I can predict I wont be socialising, and we ll stay at Dilma's, which is a brilliant place to stay….

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