Brazilian Heaven is here:

Have a Look……

I rarely post public, unless is a QOTD or a Vox Hunt, but this is worth people reading about……

I m there, here, in this wonderfull gate to heaven. The place is run by a gorgeous couple, Dilma (a Brazilian lady) and Lars (a Danish guy), with all the lil bits and pieces which make a place worth paying for…..

Unfortunately, I m not well, I m not sure if it´s my ciatic or the efforts of the tripp, or if I have some kind of renal problem (kidney stuff, just in case my English is already failing me…), so I came to the net to print my travel insurance, see if I can see a doctor and get rid of this excrutiating pain in my left side of my lower back, I cant sit properly, I cant drive without feeling like I will split my back in two…..

I m thoroughly enjoying though, with the breakfast being served to us (something out of this world, we cant eat until well gone 3pm), some of the girls who work here I have seen growing up, they are great to us; the swimming pool being the only place where my body doesnt hurt…..needless to give any other explanation….

I ll try to come back to give more detail, but this is unbelievable…, trust me, if you need to come to Trancoso, this is most defenetly the plave to be….

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