On the road 1


As I was saying in my last post in Portuguese (guess is the being at home, it kinda doent make you wanna write in English) there s a lot I would like to write about the tripp so far, but my physical pain is still here, there and everywhere in my body, so I m doing the net in dosage( appart from the fact that I have to pay for it).

Trancoso was surreal, as allways, and I ended up not only noyt selling the house, but getting the paper work in order and leaving it all organised for me to be able to do the repairs. We enjoyed thoroughly, even though hardly left the pousada, with me being in very bad shape due to my many efforts in packing and organising in London, and also the stress with Liz, my -insertsomeinsultingwordhere- sister in law, who has prooven by now that the whole bloody family isnt worth it…..but lets noy get into it now, I forgot my reading glasses, am typing half blind, and there s a lot of better things to write about.

So I couldnt drive without dying in pain of my left lower back, not forgeting the arm injury being the right one, especially if you consider that we drive on the other side of the road. But hey, who d give a damm about getting out of Dilma and Lars´s place? I promise to post some pics asap. The people who really wanted to see us did, the ones who , well, you know, those made a lot of noise a day before we left, and I (in my oh so quiet way) left very clear all I thought.

I had a bit of a panicking night after I got some mail from Wokka regarding my -insertsomeinsultingwordhere- sister in law and our cat and some other issues, with him being so pissed off about the fact that everybody was going to him instead of me, and ….oh well, its nt worth it right now to waste space and time on that. It just gave me a hard time for one night, I couldnt sleep , but then I went and sorted it out, thanks to Marga, my spanish neighbor.

It also rained for a bit, but I couldnt care less. It was hot, I was resting in one of the most marvelous places on earth, al is sorted now for me to be able to deal with stuff from London, and I think I even got to save some money.

I m getting tired now, so I think I ll go rest a bit, get my reading glasses and come back here later, as they are open late and I m not getting to sleep untill way past midnight at the mo….but I do really, really wanna write about this, especially as I reckon this is a time Sarita will wanna know word by word in the future.



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