the very last day of the year….

now, for sure.

And it was great yesterday, just to let the words flow, the mind being emptied, even if my writing doesnt have a literray style or even doesnt make a lot of sense…it s feeling bloody great.

We went to Mirta´s last night, this is one of my big time friends, this woman whom I ve met when I was probably 14 or 15,we ve got a huge history together, this gorgeous(even now, at 52) woman who wore a ring in her finger for me, though she wasnt my love partner, though everyone of our friends knew I was a lesbian and those were times in which people assuming certain things wasnt so cool a thing, just coz she knew it was terribly important for me that she did wear it,this marvelous green eyed misterious woman who wouldnt talk much to anyone but took her time to talk to me then and after, to be honest in the worse times of my life when very few people would,to protect me from the harsh times of the Argentinian dictadure and to guide me… seems so little a difference of 4 years now, but I remeber it vividly huge when I was 15 and she was 19….

Things are great with her as they are with my other life time friends here, we may have spent a year or two appart, but it s like we saw each other last week, relaxed and fun, we had a great evening, Sarita stayed for a sleepover, I went to pick her up before here now, and (as she is sitting here in the next machine) we are arguing….

I m worried about this weird pain I got since we left London, my right side of my lower back is killing me, the very few moments in which it stopped were inside the swimming pool, I tried to convince myself that it s a muscle thing, but I m not so sure now….I ll be going on tuesday to have some examans done, already spoke to my dad, this is bloody killing me.

Also killing me is the fact that TAM lost us our pink suitcase, but as it s hurting so much my back and my legs, I think I ll have to leave it for tomorow or day after….

So lets hope that 2007 brings better things than 2006, even though I cant really complain that much, we had a full on year, even though my body hurts….life isnt being that bad to us…..

So lets say thanks for all the good things we have, and hope we ll have many more in this new year … 🙂

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