Tipping the Velvet

Funny, isn´t it, that I have to come zillions of kms away from London to watch the BBC….?

We are at my parent´s, that deserves a hell of a whole post and would make an amazing tragic-comedy series for the BBC too, but as I´m not feeling very well to sit here for hours (as usual) , I ll leave that for another occasion.

We watched this thing very, very late at night yesterday (or early in the morning today, whichever you prefer), after many attempts to sleep failed, with a temperature of 45degrees.

Some people already criticise me in London for the fact that I leave Sarita (my daughter, almost 11 years old) watch some stuff like Law & Order or CSI, sometimes even the L Word, but she is a greatly gifted child who has chosen the performing arts for her future,curious, who asks when she doesnt know, and from a very early age got answers as honest as they could be according to her age. I still try to choose words very carefully, but allways being truthfull.

Last night (/this morning) I was amazed by this fantastic misce en scene of a wonderfully told story.

I m not sure if this was done as a series, split in episodes; or as a one film, but even with the 45 degrees piercing heat, the tiredness and the fact that the TV in my mum´s bedroom (where we are sleeping) has a glow of green in each and every channel, we both watched with pleasure and not for a minute did we want it to finish…..

…..well, there s the fact that the cable tv´s channel which was showing it has adverts, which allows you to get food, drink and go to the loo, certainly something one cannot do with BBC  @ one´s own home, maybe one of the most powerfull reasons why I dont watch it there. Yes, I know it can sound a bit silly, but trust me, it means a lot to people in my condition to be able to have a breather in within an hour.

(the adverts in here arer a bit too long, but that ll come together with the whole country´s stuff)

So, my suitcase hasnt been found yet, the weather has been terribly hot and sticky, I m not sure how (or if) I could sort my parents problems, I wish I ve stayed in Trancoso for longer, I wish I had the bollocks not to feel guilty about wanting to put forward our travelling to Rio, but one thing I keep seeing through all these: cause and effect, everything happens for a reason. (I think we all know it)

And I think all this lethargy , the sudden stop still of all in this begining af the year has served to one very beautifull thing: allowing us, mother and daughter (as in my child and I) to grow even closer and stronger in our relationship.

Thanks to the BBC for giving me the words and images to be able to talk to my child about some part of my life which I wasnt sure how to spell out before……. oh well, after all, I pay a hell of a lot of money for the license!!!!! 😉



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