Lost in translation

You would be, if you were watching english spoken films/series in the spanish spoken LatinAmerica. There´s a bit of a difficulty in translating slangs from and to any language in the world, I know, God knows I woudlnt been able to do the subtitling for, say, City of God, Carandiru, or even to any novela (think you call it soap in english); but I m not talking about that kind of translation error.

There´s the recurrent error on subtitling here like, for example, you hear the actor say I have pride, and the titles read yo tengo precio, which translates into I have price……which once or twice wouldnt be a problem, but it happens a lot more than that.

But that´s not all. Watching films or series vocally translated into mexican spanish could make you explode in laughter in the midddle of the Silence of the lambs or even put us (very huge fans) off CSI or Law & Order.

Of course not everything is bad, I´ve seen films here which I would have to pay extra channels in London to see, some of them in english, and of course there´s the news, which are a piece of antropologycal study.

There´s one thing about the Argie TV which seems to remain intact: actors and presenters,directors and bimboes, all people related to the media are in constant battle, publicly, of course, insulting one another in prime time TV, I have to add that said programs start very early in the morning and continuosly one can find one of the kind all through the day. One of them is called "los profesionales", I m not sure to whom the title refers, the ones paid to critise or the ones in the other side of the camera (who also critise, but I m not sure if they get paid for it).

Maybe it´s the same in other places in the world, I dunno, but for people like us, Brazilians, who make national patrimony of actors, musicien, singers et all, the Argie way of getting TV rating in something of a lowest level of actions. Oh well.

But I should stop slagging this country off so much (you think it´s contagious?), maybe I ve been watching a bit too much TV.

There s the beautty of Buenos Aires, I got touched last night passing by the Guadalupe Church, all iluminated at night, and amazed showing Sarita the diversity of architecture everywhere. The Zoo and the Botanical Gdens (which are one in front of the other) are certainly something worth seeing.

I wish my health was better so I could get out and take some pictures, but as I allways say, everything happens for a reason, and I m sure I ll see at some point why I had to spend these weeks laying down in pain.

And, of course, how could I forget the food…..I think the way the Argies eat could be called "divine", and I´m not gonna start coz I ve covered my quota of food for today.

My dad started talking to me yesterday, after probably my mother telling him about my fall in the bath, so things arent so depressing after all.

I will be back.




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