O Rio de Janeiro continua lindo

Gilberto Gil, one of the most amazing musicien we have in Brazil, wrote this a long, long time ago (30 years, maybe more), and this is still true right now.

I wasnt born in Rio, but I m Carioca by adoption, as I lived here the 80´s, went through hunger, sleeping at the all stars hotel hugging the very few possesions we have (with Sandra,my girlfriend at the time), walked the beach selling sandwiches, waxed a few bodies, did a beauticien degree, worked my guts off with that and massaging people, then I took the challenge of getting a tourism degree and did so with honours, earned an unbeliavable amount of money as a tour guide, all paralel to my singing, as music wasnt enough to pay for rent, food and life….

And when we came from the airport the other night, after 5 years without seeing this city……it takes your breath away. Each and every time.

There´s also the surprise in Sarita s eyes, the discovery and marvel, as she was barely a toddler when we use to stop here on the way to Trancoso.

I need to go now (as my corporal state continues to be the a painfull one)

O Rio de Janeiro….still my fav skyline.

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