Last train to London….

Well, not train, flight.
But we are here.
No net, no phone, no TV though. I m in a net cafe, as I asked the providers of all my services to cut us off whilst travelling, if I asked to be connected when we were back (17th) the b**** wanted to make me pay an entire month of fees…
Anyway. back. I cant say I m not glad to be back. Even though it s cold, very cold.
We came just in time for sarita s audition, is on sunday, we nearly werent able to put in the applications, as I only opened the Stage (which I had askled Nikky to buy for us whilst they were here) and the closing date for all applications was on monday 22nd….so I delivered it by hand.
Now (as if life wasnt already a collection of tests for us) Sarita lost the part of the papetwork we were supposed to bring today with pics and all….
Now I need to go, just realised I need to pick Sarita up in 16 min…

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