Sylvia Young Theatre School……

…..was a place which was highly up in my charts of respect and admiration….until I started paying for Sarita to attend their thursday classes, and especially after last sunday auditions for the scholarship.

60% of the kids who went to audition (this is a scholarship audition we are talking about, something which is supposed to get someone who CAN NOT PAY for the school's secundary full time fees), so, as I was saying, 60% of the kids got in or out of BMW convertibles, almost brand new Mercz, shiny, also brand new SUV's…. do you get the pic?  Even if they bought the vehicles second hand (the parents, I mean, of course), it would be enough money to pay for more than half of the kid's fees….

When we were trying to park, as it was sunday, I didnt know the Westminster yellow line regulations for Camden disabled badge holders, I asked a woman (parked in a very shinny SUV, in my estimation (and I m good at that, circa £45000 to pay even if second hand) , the lady answered that she didnt know, as she was only waiting for her son to come out of the audition (she said, looking at the time in her £1000 also shinny rolex).

But, you could object,I was also sitting in a car, not brand new, not very shinny, but a good car nevertheless…..

Well, my car is a Motability car, means I dont pay for it (well, I pay, but with some money the UK's (wonderfull)government gives me per month to help with my mobility,I dont pay road tax or insurance, and I took it out in a 3 years lease with nil advance payment (and I m saying this coz I know you can have SUV's, BMW et all on Motability schemes, but the money you gotta pay upfront  starts at £10000, which would pay for a year fo the kid's education, and also, if you have £10000 to spare in a car which will never be yours….well, you get my line of thought….)

And if you follow this line of thought you d also understand that a parent who has money available to have such vehicles, will also have money available to get their kids some kind of support in the performing arts…in fact a thing wich has been eating my mind since Sarita went to audition for the agency and failed, is the issue of having stopped her going to VoxBox for singing classes and to Raices Latinas for the dance….

I ve been feeling terribly tired and in a lot of pain lately, reason for why I ll be stopping here now, but we have (finally, after going through the stupidity of 14 Telewest employees)internet at home.

I ll be back.


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