How does one start it?

It has been pretty difficult, with all the eventfull tripp and coming back to so much to do with so little energy….

There are a few things I have to do. My cholesterol is high, my glucose is just on the top limit, I want to loose weight,but with a box of 24 alfajores Havana and the cold weather in London…very, extremely difficult.

I need to get the forms of this bankrupcy thing if I want to start the course, I need to write to the solicitors if I want to go ahead with the claim for my arm, I need to write letters to the hospital, the GP's NHS thingy, the play centre,the church (for Sarita's school issues), I need to get my place into a decent state (well, that s almost done,what I can do till summer…),I need, I need, the list is huge.

I lost it yesterday with Sarita again, signal that I need to start another list, calm down,one thing at the time.

Thing is I m not sure how to deal with pain right now appart from staying in bed, and my mind can hardly keep up with this stuff, imagine writting letters.

Now the I want stuff. (that's what one is supposed to have energy or at least work it out)

I want to find another school for Sarita's performing tuition, I think that @SY they had made their mind up and she wont be going forward, money thrown for nothing, but there is also the fact that she isnt making a huge effort….we ll see. I will let her do a few months with Becky, she seemed to advance with her….

It's difficult when money would solve it all but one doesnt have it.

Oh I would love to have £12000 a year, could send her to Italia Conti, no more worries….

I got logged at the Stage online to vent a bit about the auditions, great place, I love reading the paper too.

It's almost 3 o clock pm, I m still in pjs.

I will get organised. I have to.

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