Learning …..

to have a life in very different health conditions can be a difficult task. So I ve just discovered.

High cholesterol and borderline glucose sound even scarrier than being worried about having a belly, or even the extra pain that extra weight strains into one's hips. But hey, we are started. Funny the QOD was about cooking…was thanking my mum silently when I put together some crazy kebab/fajita/stir fry with some very expensive meat I bought whilst shopping with Marga……we both enjoyed, almost no oil needed, great. If I keep the discipline, reckon we ll get there in 3 months (when I should check my blood again…)

I had a look at the Italia Conti site, the auditions sound even more difficult than SY, and there s the fact: no worth going for audition without funding, no worth going after funding without certainty of passing the audition….I should start working hard with Sarita to achieve this, I know she can, I know she wants it too.

Still, I go to bed infuriated with the SY people, knowing that I shouldnt, but infuriated nevertheless.

When I spoke to my dad a couple of days ago, he tells me that Marta Rodriguez (one of my longest and tormentous loves of my life) got in touch, wanting my email addy, my dad (as polite as ever) got hers with the excuse of not being sure about which mail addy I m using at the mo…..I wrote, then last night I called Mabel in Rio, to have a bit of a laugh, remember those times (now that we can laugh ouloud about it instead of crying….) Sometimes, when things like this happen, or like, when I m with Pamela, or Marta & family, or Marcinha ….I feel how lucky and rich I have been to have had and eventfull and intense life, which has given me some (few,true,but the best) amazing friends…

London woke up covered by a few inches of snow, snowing, beautifull, something I love to watch from my windows, take pics of, not very sure of how much I'm gonna love it when having to do the SY tour this afternoon…

Sarita seems happy and enjoying being back too, which should be enough to put out of my mind the infuriation (if such a word exists) with SY.

Que sera, sera.



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