..psychics,witches & other esoterical workers, I m allways wary, never totally believe in what I hear or see, but there was a woman, I was in my late 20's, living in Rio, inLapa, working like mad, but pobably one of the best times in my life, she was my next door neighbor, espiritist, following the Alan Kardeck's line of thought (which I m most inclined to believe too). She reads cards for me once. It was in a very difficult time in my life, I ve just been robbed (by a friend, long story) and used to cry a lot. She invited me in (used to cook cakes for me, give me plants, a bit like a grandma,as my parents didnt live in the city at the time). She read cards.

I remember thinking how nice of her to tell me whst she thought was what I wanted to hear, as she told me I would move house bor better, I would be called for a much better job, earn tons of money, buy a car, and then do a tripp which would involve crossing the ocean, meet the man of my life and have a child.

I remember.

I remember smiling to the silliness of it all, as, you see, not only was I very hapy in that house, very happy in my job,but also was a ravenous lesbian, men werent in my plans for a near or further future and children were ok if they were other people's.

I remember.

I remember also getting gobsmaked when the best agency at the time for turism in Rio called me, they wanted me to work for them. (these people were big,tour guides in the scene at the time had to fill in application forms and waited average 2 years to get in, here was I, less than a year as a guide, being called by them…)

I remember my jaw falling even more when I was offer a great car to buy and I did, when I moved to a huge, wonderfull flat in Copacabana.

Yes. I remember that, but that was the one time when someone told me something which became true, I kept remembering her when I met Andy, when I married him, when we planned the pregnancy, when Sarita was born.

Lots of things that woman told me became a reality, but also that was the one and only time I was told something down to earth, so I have allways been a bit scheptical about the esoteric, especially when money is involved.

But Betty took me to a woman yesterday, and here was I, gobsmaked again.

This lady did not ask me (or made me talk ) anything appart from my full name and date of birth.

I recorded the reading.


Anyway, Sarita has her sleepover tonight, the 4 of them are having the time of her lives, by the sound of all that laughter, I m gonna make dinner in a minute.

Apparently my life is gonna change drastically….. šŸ™‚


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