So I finally got organised, and as I type, I have still the reminings (is there such a word in the English language?) of Sarita's birthday, a week on, all sitting watching an unwatchable movie called My date with Drew, her best friends, Lauren next door and Syan from across the road.

Sarita's birthday 07
Sarita's birthday 07

Now, I did post something about the start of her birthday, the sleepover with the girls from school, for in total, including Sarita. These are pictures from the start of that evening, it got much more agressive, they didn't sleep till 6 o clock, put the fear in me for what my child can turn into….so I was relieved to have the sunday for ourselves, to get ready for her actual birthday on monday.


 Sarita's birthday 07
Sarita's birthday 07
Sarita's birthday 07

For a change I bought a cake instead of spending hours decorating one,only I couldnt choose not even to have her name written as I left it to the very last minute, on top of the fact that I went to see a flat with Betty in the morning (that was an outing worth a post, but as I would be rumbling and swearing, I opted not to), but this one was good enough, appart from being a chocolate one which was what she wanted.

I made some tuna sandwiches and had a huge box, 500 chockie biscuits from the 99p store (dont you just love them? the stores I mean) and we only invited the very close friends, 7 in total including Sarita. A breath of fresh air, I have to say….

They were amazingly happy, yes, I know, the sleepover ones were having a great time too, but with the kids from the estate plus the other Lauren from the Portuguese class (who is a local too, Brazilian mum, Indian dad), Jennifer (Betty's daughter) and Alina, daughter if Russian HCA from my GP surgery (whom I helped get into Sylvia Young and I'm also driving there each week), it was clean, creative beautifull fun.

Nora (next door) and Alina's mum popped in for a while, Celia (Brazilian mum) stayed till the end, the girls went to Sarita's bedroom and created rehearsed a dance routine, came to the living room, anouncing with all bells, and performed it.

Lauren next door stayed to sleepover till thursday evening, but they came back every day, to sing and dance, we organised everything to go this afternoon to the Ice Skating Rink,shame we forgot to ask if they had open sessions  all day…..well they didn't. We invaded Camden fast food chain instead, first BK as their food (I find) is better, then to McDonalds as all of them wanted McFlurry.

I picked up the pictures for the B&W wall, and slowly, I m getting there. I started to get moody as (because I dont get properly organised) I spent a lot of money in pics which I already had, but was worth for the enlargements (most on the wall by now!!!). I also had a laugh with the kids who run the shop.

We sat to watch The Devil wears Prada, which we couldnt, even with all of us getting into the car at 9.35 to Blockbusters to change it, as it was jumpy (we watched Click all jumped last week and I wasnt up for it again) they changed it but (as my luck goes) this one was also jumpy……should the rental places not get some type of control of the quality the discs end up in…?  The girls are here still watching the unwatchable (we all want to know if he gets the date actually, but I have my back to the screen at least doing something else, couldnt sit. he just got it, btw)

In the middle of it, when the girls went home to have dinner, we ventured into the new Sushi at this (haunted, as no bussiness runs for long) place in Haverstock Hill…. brilliant, fair prices, tasty, nice people to serve you, comfy….and I even got to discuss Karl Marx and the comunist theory, practice and how the world changes you before you could change it, with a Yugoslavian guy (not sure if he works there or was waiting for his delivery) as the book was on our table and I asked who was reading it….When we sat I looked at the book and said Oh, here is someone with a lot of hope in the world…and Sarita asked why …so I also got to have a nice chat with Sarita about ideals and pursuit… 

Ok, so this is the end of Sarita's birth week, my baby is 11 years old, the half term hols are coming to an end, and I'm supposed to be driving them to the Ice Skating Rink tomorow, so I m gonna go bed.

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