….I have the place emptied of kids,all to myself (well, and Sarita, of course), not before an expedition to the Ice Skating Rink, which, I have to say, wasn't as bad as I had imagined. They have disabled parking, didnt have to walk much,and all attendants are smiley and very efficient. We may book the girls for a course. £43 for 6 weeks, seems reasonable…..

I couldn't sleep last night though, and, right now, my replaced hip,the knee under it and the ankle and foot are killing me, not softly. It may be the cold at the ice rink, though I had Sarita's coat wrapped around my leg and massaged it all time….it may be the whole week's activities…I m taking the day to rest tomorow (if my mind lets me)

I should most defenetly move the PC back to my bedroom, or fix the laptop, my thoughts (the good ones) only come to me as I get into bed…

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